Friday, November 6, 2009

i just love how things are getting better all the time.

for halloween i was a gnome.
and i'm going to NC next weekend to see tim.
currently getting ready to get ready for christmas, for me it's a process.
work. it's getting there.

however, i do not like the cold...especially when there's no one here to keep me warm.

time goes by so, so fast. i hate it...this weekend on call, next week in NC, the following weekend on call, then thanksgiving, then another weekend of call, then only two weeks until christmas. i've been good this year, and i've already got my reward.

tons of hype about this H1N1. at work, if we're not vaccinated we supposedly are going to have to wear a mask all day...i mean big f'n deal, i work in an OR, i'm in a mask 60% of the time that i'm at work...i just don't feel right putting something into my body that 1. is treatable, and 2. we don't know that much about...look at what happened with the garadasil vaccination, and all the recalls on different birth controls and other medications. no thanks. i wouldn't be surprised if all those idiots that shot it up dropped dead in a couple years...after all, it did come from China. plus, the strain has already mutated, so there's really no sense to get it if it's gonna keep changing. i just love the mind set of the hospital threatening to put masks on ok is there going to be a special hole where i can eat my lunch? lol.

what else...

i need to start reading again. i don't know what it is, but the last couple of books i've read i didn't finish, and i just hate when that happens. i'm not sure if i'm too busy or if they just aren't entertaining enough, but it's something that i hope quits happening.

and i have a new found love of tea.
i'm finally starting to feel a good way.

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