Monday, July 27, 2009

so. not working seems to have it's ups and downs. kinda freaked at first, but i just really have this feeling that everything is going to be okay. some way, some how.

my family is amazing, i love them beyond words...especially my dad.

i'm hoping for the best now...and i have faith in myself.
let it be known that what comes around goes around, the world moves in circles. i believe in this to the fullest.

at any rate, things will be changing sooner than later.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


summer has been going well so far. busy weekends ahead, i love it. no weekend call for the month of July. stoked.

Tim is back in California and already starting with the same non sense. makes me wonder when will i finally learn?

we are having fun though. drinking, dancing, driving in the element. all good things. last weekend i went home and watched Steven's fire works....i love the fourth. nothing like being on the river with a funnel cake and hundreds of people you've seen before. my family ate pasta salad together Sunday morning before i left, such a fun story. i really love them.

and it's been so pretty, the rain and the beach, ice cream....i want for days like these to never end.

22 soon.
pretty exciting, i look at birth days as a reason to really act a fool. plus everyone has to be nice to you, and i can get away with being ridiculous.also, it comes with cake.