Friday, June 29, 2012

after much turmoil and dismay, i've ended my relationship with, three years gone. it's funny though, in the end it was just so much drama and pain that it really hasn't been that hard starting over.

i'm a new home owner, i have a puppy, and i have peace.

there were all kinds of problems as time went on...where to start. well, i'm pretty sure he had some underlying mental health issues that all this stemed from. and i really did try to support him and get him help, therapy, sanity. he was just constantly jealous of everything i did..him seeing me having a good time caused us to fight. he lied, manipulated, and treated me really bad.

really what was i doing. i stayed in that mess far too long, but i guess that was for the better...honestly walking away feels so good. it's like something you can't explain, you don't know until it's you.

as for him...who knows. he came home violent one night after lying to me about what time he was getting off of work...throwing things destryoing my bed room...put his fist through a door and a couple of walls. a mess. that was almost two months ago...aside from him arguing about getting the rest of his stuff, i haven't heard from him.

and i'm glad.

i can do what i want without any thoughts of having to fight over nothing tugging at my brain.

i really hope he gets the help he needs. or whatever it is he needs...but i can't keep bending myself over hoping that it will happen.

hello summer!

i'm just trying to enjoy my life again...being mind blown every time i realize how screwy the whole situation was. life without him is quite enjoyable i must admit.