Saturday, November 7, 2009


laundry and dishes in the am.
work for the afternoon, run around the park.

i am a terrible runner. i wish i were one of those people that run marathon style, like to run just because...because it's fun for them. but i feel like i'm seriously killing my joints or something...and distance running, there is no way! i'd like to join a gym, but the thing is money...if i spend all that money and end up not going it'll piss me off, or if i do go and it's weird i'll never go back...i'm strange about things like that...places filled with people.

i ran and cleared my head.
came home and made food.

i discovered the mango's i bought were stupid. i'd love to have a good peach or mango right now, but it's kinda sick when you cut it open and the guts are brown. ew.

and it's saturday night and i'm tired...boring. this is what happens when you're on call. i'm not complaining, i like the money. i just feel so domestic these days.

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