Thursday, October 29, 2009

i will be out of debt by april.
my car will be paid off by january 2012.
i will have a new degree by 2013.

these are some of my goals. i'm pretty sure there are other ones, but can't think of them at the moment. i need limits, and i think that when you make deadlines and actually reach them it's really satisfying. plus i'm a super huge dork.

at any rate.

our weekend in hilton head was nice. plus with tim living kinda close it gives me an excuse to get out of this house and go on exciting road trips.

things are good. halloween is almost here and i still have no idea what to be...but that's ok. we're going to the fair, which will be awesome. work is getting better, people are going on vacation and what not so i'll be covering which saves my ass for now. i'm pretty excited to try to move to tampa in the spring...with tim! [or stay in savannah together if that doesn't happen] my aunt's sister is in charge of hiring for an imaging department there, and hopefully will have the job hook up...hopefully something will work out. i miss my family and the beach. we will see.

mine is the one with the mustache.

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