Friday, October 16, 2009

things are back in order.

and Halloween is coming, with cool weather, Casey's birthday, and all other holidays to follow. plus our lease will be up, which we hope to renew a few extra months, and then tax season....

oh life.

and now, i can finally say that my debt will be gone by march. it's an amazing feeling, and i know it's something super stupid, but i can't even put into words how excited this makes me! i mean, i've been working at it a really long time and the pay off is finally almost here!

at any rate, i'm lame.

so, pumpkins, and movies and baking and i'm going to start volunteering at the humane society, and for this dolphin project...and signing up for school.

it's here, all i've talked about wanting to do it and it's here...whoa.

i'm just not sure what to do, because there is this possibility that i may be moving to unless things super perk up at my job, and that place does a 180 and becomes the most enjoyable, magical place on earth, i may be heading to Tampa. here's the thing, stupid st. Joseph's will supposedly work with my school schedule, and give me money to go...

buttttttttttt, i'm pretty sure that Tampa will offer more flexible programs such as night/weekend classes....

oh the decisions.

all in all, things are working out, and this whole year has been wonderful as i predicted!!!

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