Tuesday, August 25, 2009

where to even begin.
so, i'm working on a plan for the end of the year...like where to go, what to do, who to see. it's super stressful not knowing if something good is going to happen with the job market here...like i don't want to make all these plans to go elsewhere and have a super awesome job want me. [like the chances of that even happening are even fair]

buttttt, i think i've convinced Casey to go to New York and chase his dreams...if he does it, i'll be super happy for him, but i'll miss him so much.

we'll live.

and i'm probably going to move to Tampa or something...something in sunny Florida. where summer lasts all year, and it hardly ever freezes. and you can see the bottom of the ocean. -in other words, no jelly fish.

we'll see. all in time.
i feel good about this though.
as long as i can get through the next few months.

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