Saturday, March 28, 2009

i went to an organ procurement last night...even though i wasn't working, i just was interested.

the story is quite sad.
a girl, 24, had a seizure which caused a brain bleed, and she died...on her birth day.
it really hits home when it's some one so young, who lived their life every day with the same thoughts that i's so sad to think of all the things she didn't do, never experienced, and her family. her family.


but seeing the beauty of the human body, human spirit, and human life is something beyond words. something beyond anything i could have ever imagined.

overall i feel so grateful to just be be on the other side of that table, not in need of any organs. and it makes everything you've ever worried about, been angry about, or been embarassed about so small.

all our problems are so small.

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