Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chicago was amazing.
i'm even thinking about moving there, despite the cold, and lack of nature.
i am so blessed to have such a ridiculous, embarrassing, crazy drinking family. they are the best and i couldn't ask for anything else. i used to wish my family were bigger, closer, but now i realize that i couldn't have come from better people...i'm so glad i was chosen to be part of their experience and that they have loved me in return.

saturday night came close to my spring break/summer house party '07 experience. freezing cold rain, random guy peeing in the street, free drinks, dawn falling out of the bar, hitting a parked car, puking all the way home, running [almost] off the road several times, sleeping for three hours. loved it.

100 years old, it literally brings me to tears to tears. i think of how things must have been when grandma johnson came here, and how could she have ever known of the life she was going to create for all of us. it's amazing for a human to live that long, and be such a lovely person with such tremendous spirit. i want to be more like her every day, she is precious.

lately it's been made clear to me what my priorities are and where my heart is. i'm thankful...thankful to know where i am going, who is important and that my choices are worth it.
i love living.
i love 2009.

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