Thursday, February 19, 2009


i've never been in a band or anything, but i really don't understand why the people down stairs have to play their music so loud. it seems as though the noise is coming from the depths of hell, and its vibrations are pulsing through my feet, in my blood. i don't get the point of jamming that loud, they do it so often, i mean i know it's fun if you're super high and drunk and you're thinking "this sounds sooooooooooooo good!", but our neighbors do this day in and day out. are they seriously on drugs? and how come i'm never invited.

pilates. pilates are my new favorite, along with herbal bath soap and rugged warehouse. i love debbie, or people in general who teach you so much about life. at any rate, we work well together and are shopping soul mates. and we're going to change the world.

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