Friday, September 16, 2011

2 for 1

heads up; when you feel like your life is in a down ward spiral, tune into jersey shore so you can feel 10x better about yourself. so true, these girls are a mess. (that being said, it's not like i wouldn't party with them).

i hate how the beginning of every year starts out with all these promises, and life-changing-motivational ideas...and by August you give up...well really by April you give up. i think people have such a sunny out look in January because they're just sad/relieved that the holidays are over. and these "goals" just give them something else to focus on...

i have fallen off track for the year. i have not enrolled in school, learned a second language, and can barely play the harmonica. however, i have changed my plans. i need to focus on getting licsenced in MR and CT. which is have to teach the material to yourself.

so i have to confess...i took my MRI boards...and i had a panic attack. and i failed, by one point. one fucking point. and now, nine months later, I've yet to get back in the game. i don't know what it is...but every time i think about it the anxiety comes back...and I'm scared to talk to some one about it. after all, i know it's all in my head riiiiiggghhht.

what else about this year that we're nine months into....well, I've been to NYC and Las Vegas with plans of a South Carolina Thanksgiving. the things you do for love. (i don't mind going really, i just like to be dramatic).

other accomplishments thus far for 2011; there is a light at the end of the debt tunnel, planning on a home search in the next couple months, and i will get back on that test machine! I'm a maniac. not to mention the ever lasting cycles of the holidays will be starting up here again shortly.

other than that I've been pretty useless...discovered my new found love of gambling, and i frequent gay bars and drag shows where i dance the night away. it's always good for a few laughs though.

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