Tuesday, September 1, 2009

today is the first day of September. the ninth month of 2009.

i'm already another year older...and even worse, 2010 will be here before we know it...and i'm not where i should be.

let's see...the year started out good, i finally got a decent job, and was getting on track with all the bills, all my debt...then i met some super shady people who i thought were cool, turns out, no no no no no. that's okay though, i really don't mind...then six months flew by, i finally got a car....

and now.
job pretty much gone. phone trouble, computer virus.

that is three things right? three bad things. i don't know if i can take anymore.

i'm just trying to see where this all went wrong. and i can't really help but laugh, because it is so typical that these things would happen to me.

bonus though; Tim is back in my life. i only have 4 months left to rough it. and it's times like these when you really see who your friends are.

so yes, i thought '09 was going to be way better last year, and i can name a hundred ways that it is. but this wasn't supposed to happen.

i do however, have a wonderful family. and i'm learning how to cook. and sleeping in, and staying up late. it's not so bad...just not what i thought.

pray for me.

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