Saturday, May 16, 2009

laundry and dishes.
a trip to goodwill, and maybe the art supply store.
spending time by myself is not always too bad.

my bed will be made and my closet will be cleaned...
it seems like it should be sunday.

i have good books to read, and something to knit....
Autumn's baby is almost here.

i want to make something though...
food maybe?

phone calls...
and a long walk. [my shins still hurt]

it's funny how i almost get excited to schedule payments for my credit cards. it feels like such a big acomplishment to see the balance go down. i'm a complete nerd.

i'm learning that i can't hold myself acountable for absolutely everything. we all get sucked in and make poor choices. i guess this is what living is all about. all we can do is take the good with the bad, even if that means there is more bad.

i don't think it's fair, and i don't find these thoughts entertaining.
it's a process though, one i'm hoping to master.

and i realize that i don't deserve everything that's happened to me, all the while i can take responsibility for my actions. i need soap in my mouth.

the people who are in my life are there because they want to be there, which is comforting. and those who aren't chose to do whatever it is they're otherwise doing...they made no effort. and it's okay. i assume that i never really was that important to them.

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